Welcome, One and All

As Principal of this thriving organization, I'd like to devote my first blog entry to thanking all the little people whose collective support raises me to the pinnacle that I occupy today, from where I survey all the good work going on below.

On the subject of people, my erstwhile human resources department tells me that, since our recent global catastrophes have caused a slight staff-inflow counter-current, we have had to take on several new species to fill the ranks. Therefore, I have issued new edicts on how to deal with our new merpeople and sea-monster colleagues. You'll find in these guidelines, for example, that sea monster is seen as a derogatory term by some, and instead a euphemism like denizen of the deep should be used.

In addition, our human resources department will now be renamed "Staffing"; and our HR Jurassic information system will be updated with a new fields for species, sub-species, and breathing-medium preference. A new organization chart will be published in due course.

Well, that's all for now, and I hope to bring you exciting news on our new student population next time.

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